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Taxinest is embedded with cloud service and it is a reliable one. You can enjoy each and every service with our proved ability.

Pay as you go

Taxinest is flexible one and there is no any need for contracts or expensive investments.

Complete solution

The folks can monitor each and every process of the business in a reliable manner; hence the Taxinest gives a complete solution.

Effortless Booking

Booking of the cabs is a simple and hence it can attract new customers and automate the bookings in a reliable manner.

Your brand, your logo

Here you can improve the brand recognition among the users and thus there will be a controlling power for your brand.

Split fare with fare estimate

The passengers can reduce the ride expense among the other travelers and also they can select the vehicle that best suits their budget amount.

Extensive ride details

You can enhance your business by providing the users with the aid of the real-time ride tracking feature.

Manage trip requests

Here, the drivers are allowed to manage the rider’s requests in an efficient manner in order to view the information about the rides.

Letting street pickups

With the aid of this feature, the passengers can be picked up along the specific route and thus the waiting time for the drivers can be eliminated.

Daily expedition reports

With the aid of this feature along with the detailed summary of the upcoming rides in the future, the drivers can survey their earnings and rides in an efficient manner.

Driver referral activity

This feature helps to increase the earnings for the drivers along with the rewards by inviting their friends in order to partner with the taxi company to become a driver.

Real-time updates

The real-time updates on each and every ride help to accelerate the services and also extend the services to a huge number of customers.

Taxinest - DriverApp Features

Compliant features

With the aid of the compliant feature, the customers can switch between the manual and automatic dispatch in order to find the nearby taxis along with the increased flexibility.

All inclusive platforms

Management of the taxis, drivers and the travelers in a single interface mitigates the full dispatch process.

Ratings and reviews

The customers have all the rights to give ratings and reviews for the drivers so that it can be helpful at any time in the future.

Efficient monitoring

In the admin dashboard, there is an extreme control over the resources, taxi reservations, transactions including the CRM activities.

Managing resources

Enhancement and management of the dispatchers, including the taxis, are based on the specific locations and execute a prompt dispatch service.

Handling transactions

The users have all the rights to view and extract the transaction details including the account reports, payments directly from the admin panel.

Reports and analytics

The collection of reports which are based on the statistics and real-time updates which is based on the driver activity and the daily revenues diminishes the investment specifically on the factors of time and efforts.

Call Masking

​By the consideration of the security of customers call masking is a one where the contact numbers are hidden of both passengers and drivers.

VOIP Calls

With the aid of the feature, the folks can make calls from the dispatcher panel at free of cost.

Multi-language support

This feature enhances the support for the users from the different locations and thereby enhancing the reach.

Social Sharing

The protocols allow the folks to rate the drivers and also share the feedback through the aid of social networking sites.

Promo Codes

The customers are allowed to engage and also promote the brand at the same time by offering the promotional discounts in order to produce maximum benefit.

Wallet system

There is a promotion of the wallet system for both the drivers and the customers in order to avoid the squabble of the payments through the card.

Unlimited Bookings

The Taxinest software lets the users use the extensive databases in order to easily locate the addresses and book the ride in an efficient manner.

Customer Management

Here, the dispatch software generates a list of useful invoices, statistics for each and every customer and hence there is no customer is left out.

Driver management

The Taxinest allows the tracking of the driver’s details such as location and history. At the same time, the GPS system allows the passengers to view all the driver activities.

Taxinest - RiderApp Features

Adjustable Fares

Here, a program is created in such a manner that it is flexible and easy to use and one can set the prices in their own manner.

Unlimited Dispatchers

The folks have all the rights to create any number of the dispatchers, administrators including the customer accounts which are based on the paid plans.

Corporate Website

Taxinest provides a corporate website design, domain including the ability to customize the content in which way the user can understand.

Ticket Support System

The folks have all the rights to both send and receive the emails from the users by utilizing the email address.

Free Upgrade Assistance

If you are interested in the upgraded plans then Taxinest provides you an account manager to help you in each and every transition.

Unlimited Drivers

​You have to just add the name and the mobile number and we will send the concerned SMS along with the instructions.

Native iOS & Android apps

Taxinest is compatible with the both Android and iOS apps in order to offer an amazing taxi booking experience.

End to end solution

This feature provides a dedicated support for the entire lifecycle along with the dispatch management software solution.

Secure Data

Here, the deployment of the solution is successfully achieved through the secured data backup which is done through the on-premise environment.

Access Anytime/Anywhere

The details of the complete history can be accessed at anytime and anywhere which is about the driver and the customer.

Credit card payment

The payment processing can be done through the credit cards and the debit cards and hence the folks need not worry when the cash is not in hand.

Cash payment

The cash payment can be done through the gateway integration of the choice anywhere globally through the debit cards and credit cards.

Multi-Location Access

The taxi businesses earn its good fame and reach the peak simultaneously in the multiple locations.

Live Taxi Map

With the aid of the GPS system, the cab can be tracked along with the necessary details in a reliable manner.

Fully Automated

Here, more or less all the functions are automated one and there is no need for any manual processing.

Powerful Analytics

The customer can procure the actionable insights and the detailed reports for the concerned data-driven decision making.

Create Bills Easily

The bills are automated one where they are created easily without any complications and if there is any discount it comes along with the package.

Reduce Workload

Since most of the workloads are automated one, the manual workload is automatically reduced.

Client Testimonials

The features of the Taxinest are easy to utilize, customizable and affordable one. At the same time it reduces the time, stress and the manpower and there are many complimentary services available. It is the most useful software for the travel agencies.

Amazing Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxinest software is a user-friendly one and there is a list of amazing features to enhance the profit of the business. The mobile app does not occupy more space and there is no any need for worrying. I had a great support from the Taxinest team initially to set up my taxi business.

Too good for the dispatch jobs

Taxinest is one of the best software that I have come across so far. The team is too good and they are the best in the customer support & taxi dispatching. I am satisfied that I have purchased outstanding software for my business.

Perfect software for Taxi business

Clean UI Design

The Taxinest design team creates the customer and the driver apps which are user-friendly and also there is no complication of using the admin interface.

Tracking Drivers

This one comes under the Driver management features along with the approvals, trip data, payments and more on.

Fully Customizable

Here the scripts are 100% customizable one and you can try on your preferable features including the end users and we are ready to get it customized for you.

White Label Apps

With the aid of this feature, the customers can brand the platform completely on their own.

RTL (Right to Left)

The Taxinest software supports a list of languages including Right to Left for the benefit of the customers and to satisfy their needs.


The Taxinest software is a simple, affordable one and the entire system is a friendly taxi application.

Free Installation

The customers can start the taxi business at any time with the free installation and for the setup process; there is no need for the initialization cost.

Free Support

Taxinest provides a certain period of time for the continual free support for the app.

SMTP Mail Settings

Here the settings are available for the uploading of the messages in the concerned provider’s mail server.

Trip History

Here, the full details about the trip can be viewed by the customer, driver and the admin of the taxi service at any time.

Push Notification

The notifications will be automatically pushed to the customer and driver in order to know the next move on.

SMS Notification

With the aid of this feature, the customers can know the details of the driver including the photo, taxi number etc.

Add City

Here, the customers can add the details about the exact location where he/she wants to book the cab.

Add Vehicle Type

Here, the customer can add the type of the vehicle which will be a comfortable one for the trip.

Email Notification

The email will also be sent to the customer regarding the driver details to their concerned email id.

Commission split up

This feature is a one which takes place between the driver and the company; the commission will be split up between them.

Auto-completion of address

In case if the customer fails to complete the address completely, then an alert message will be sent to the customers automatically requesting them to complete the address.

Add/Manage Roles

The admin has all the rights to enhance and manage the roles especially for the drivers and assign them the cab services.

Site info-Logo-Favicon

Here they are displayed in the name of the site in a customer’s list of open tabs (browser’s address bar).

Invoice generation

The invoice details are generated automatically and the customer pays the bill and also provides the ratings for the driver integrated with the app.

Track trip

The trip details can be tracked with the aid of the GPS system focusing on the customer’s safety.

Statistical dashboard

The folks can track all the details about the vehicles including the rental status, alerts etc in a unique statistical manner.

Profile Settings

The driver has all the rights to change his concerned profile settings and also enhance more reliable information in it.

Rate card

The rate card is given for each and every vehicle considering several factors such as distance if any discount available for the special events.

Invite Friend

The customer can invite a friend to share the ride including the cost if needed and it is not a compulsory one.

Round Trip

With the aid of this feature, the customer can travel to several destinations in the same cab; selecting that option is well-advanced one.

Drag and Drop planner

It is simple to drag and drop the jobs to the concerned drivers and the vehicles; at the same time view the jobs on a day by day basis in an efficient manner.

Zone Tariffing

The Zone based tariffs vary in a list of ways where the Zones are cut and the fares are calculated in order to exploit the customer’s willingness to pay.

Customizable Tariffs

Here, the tariffs are generally the taxes which are customizable one for the customer’s convenience.

Job Planner

Job Planner is a one which is suitable for the desktop suite and the job services are initially planned before it gets executed.

VOIP Connectivity

This feature is a suitable one for the system and Voice over Internet Protocol has bought into effect for the customer’s comfort zone.

SOS Button

This button enables the folks to escalate the matters concerned to safety and also related to the safety response team in the real time.

Configurable Alerts

The automated messages will be sent to the customers in order to alert them about the trip, location, driver’s details etc.

Flag Down Function

In case of any critical situation or during any emergencies the folks can make use of this option to book a cab.

Multi-screen Compatible

The Multi-screens are apt for the desktop suite and they are compatible one and they play a major role in the taxi dispatch software.

One-Click Dispatch

This feature is generally an automation one where the expenses are reduced and the workload and at the same time where the rider experience is improved.

Customer Call Back

With the aid of this feature, the customers can call back the driver in order to know their details such as arriving time and in case of any emergencies this feature will be used.

Copper-telephony connectivity

Here, the customer and the driver can be well connected through the available advanced telephone system.

Automatic Text Back

An automatic SMS will be sent to the drivers when a vehicle has been dispatched and when it arrives.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This feature allows the contact centers in order to take the bookings without any help of the human interaction.

Blacklisting of nuisance numbers

The blacklisting of the nuisance numbers is an option in order to reduce the inefficiencies and to avoid the problems.

Equipped with a dual server system

Taxinest is equipped with a dual server system in order to provide higher flexibility in case of any emergencies.

Real-time earnings stats

Here, the drivers get the meticulous data based on the financial performance and the driver efficiency.

Vehicle Selection Slider

The folks can choose the type and size of the vehicles they prefer such as Executive, Minibus, Accessible or Estate.


The passengers can give their experience once the ride is over and also at the same time rate the driver and overall experience.

Heat Map

This feature displays a list of app downloads and the bookings so that the folks can see where the demand is increasing and the marketing is working.

Powerful Admin Panel

The folks have all the rights to change the brandings, icons, offers and many other features in the web browser and hence it is 100% customizable.

Rate Driver

The passengers have all the rights to rate the drivers and the drivers can view exactly what they are earning.

Easy to book through app, phone or web

The rides can be booked through the app and also through the website in a reliable manner.

Receive text updates, including arrival times

The customers will receive the text updates frequently including the information about the arrival times.

Live Flight Data

Here, the real-time arrival information is available for each and every flight including the airport.

Cross-browser compatible

Here, the client side scripts have the ability to function in the environments when a certain set of features are lacking.

Live ETA

This feature is a comprehensive and affordable one and its solutions are mainly created for the private fleets.

Search Engine Optimized

The site structure is an optimized one where the folks can easily search for the concerned software on both Google and other search engines.

Completed Trips

This feature shows a complete report for the completed trips and also an option available for the export to excel the document.

Cancelled Trips

This feature provides a complete report for the canceled trips and also a choice for the export to excel the document.

Income Report

This feature shows a complete report about the details of the selected drivers between the selected dates.

Monthly Payment Summary

This option shows a summarization of the monthly payment between the selected months.

Terms and Conditions Content

A set of protocols includes the terms and the condition content available for both the passengers and the drivers.

Surge Pricing

This feature is listed out for both drivers and the passengers inside an already available surge in order to view the details and status.

Cancel Fees

The customer can cancel a booked trip where the respective fee will be automatically deducted from the wallet.

Go Online/Offline

The driver has the rights to create the online and offline mode by using the driver app; online mode indicates the driver is ready to receive the calls from the folks and the offline indicates the driver is not ready.

Accept/Reject call

The driver has all the rights either to accept or receive the call using the respective app.

Select Drop off location

The folks can choose the option of drop off location by selecting the desired place in the respective auto complete text view.

Show nearby Cabs

After the selection of the location, a list of nearby cabs will be shown on the map along with the marker.

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